About Me

The task of finding statements separated from the everyday, is the single goal of street photography.
A side effect of street photography is, you begin to see the marvel of the everyday, no moment or place
can be discounted. Your mind and senses harmonise to show you where moments may reside, where
the light may be favourable and how a situation may change. When I am on a walk, I am free, there
is nothing, except this search for a statement that I may, or may not find.

My motivation is the simple thrill of finding moments, nothing more to say really, no underlying meaning
nor deep aesthetic intent. I don’t interact or manipulate situations, when a picture presents itself, it’s all
there in the moment. I work only in digital now, though steadied my legs during my initial flurry in film. 

I am a software developer by profession living in Reading England; sometimes, when time is my own, I
go in search of moments, If I am lucky, I get a keepsake. It started as a very natural thing to do.
By Darran K Roper
– Urban Picnic Street Photography Exhibition Finalist April 12th – May 2nd 2013
– Eye on the Street Exhibition Winner September 4 – 28, 2013
– Photo published in ispmag January/February 2015 Issue
– Photo published in ispmag ‘Best of Street Photography’ section November/December 2013 Issue

– Eye on the Street Exhibition Winner article September Tuesday 17 2013
– Top Photography Films Magazine Street Photographer Interview
– Top Photography Films Magazine Featured Photographer Interview


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