The task of finding statements separated from the everyday, is the task of street photography.
I am a software developer by profession living in Reading England; sometimes, when time is my own, I
go in search of moments, If I am lucky, I get a keepsake. It started as a very natural thing to do.

My motivation is the simple thrill of finding moments, nothing more to say really, no underlining meaning
nor deep aesthetic intent. I don’t interact or manipulate situations, when a picture presents itself, it’s all there in the moment.
I work only in digital now, though steadied my legs during my initial flurry in film. 

– Urban Picnic Street Photography Exhibition Finalist April 12th – May 2nd 2013
– Eye on the Street Exhibition Winner September 4 – 28, 2013
– Photo published in ispmag January/February 2015 Issue
– Photo published in ispmag ‘Best of Street Photography’ section November/December 2013 Issue

– Eye on the Street Exhibition Winner article September Tuesday 17 2013
– Top Photography Films Magazine Street Photographer Interview
– Top Photography Films Magazine Featured Photographer Interview